National Security Through Innovation




We are on a mission to elevate Hawaii’s role as a national defense asset in the Pacific

Pacific Impact Zone’s role in the Hawaii Defense Economy


Hawaii’s strategic importance to national defense and the impacts of defense spending on the local economy are symbiotically linked. The stronger the defense sector, the more Hawaii can contribute to security in the Pacific Rim.

At Pacific Impact Zone, we are part of the support ecosystem that is strengthening the innovation and dual use sector which has the greatest potential for delivering disproportionate outcomes and economic growth in the defense sector.

We are delivering strategic assets to address systemic barriers, maximizing the ability of the local dual use sector to develop and successfully transition their innovations into the hands of the armed service men and women who are protecting our nation.


Pacific Impact Zone is chartered to develop the long-term economic resiliency of the defense dual use sector.

To accomplish this, our strategy follows a continual economic refresh model to develop assets that de-risk innovation, empowering the dual use sector to scale faster, grow wages and reward entrepreneurship risk taking, and finally partner with the dual use sector to share the rewards and enable a virtuous cycle of growth.






Metrics and Outcomes

Pacific Impact Zone is an outcome and data driven organization.  We rely on data to inspect, adapt, and ensure positive return-on-investment for our activities.

Our metrics offer empirical insights that are directly tied to our workforce development, economic development, and wealth creation outcomes.


Defense and dual use sector revenue in Hawaii in 2021


In NAICS codes 541710 through 541715 and 541720


Defense and dual use organizations supported in 2021


Private industry, not-for-profit, and academic institutions


Students, employees, and entreprenuers supported in 2021


Private industry, not-for-profit, and academic institutions