Dual Use Task Force


Pacific Impact Zone serves as the lead facilitator for Hawaii’s Dual Use Task Force which functions as an economic and workforce development initiative.  The charter of the Dual Use Task Force is to formalize a strategy for growing the dual use sector in Hawaii and oversee the execution of the strategy. The Task Force is researching, deliberating, and strategizing on the priority gaps that challenge Hawaii’s defense and dual use sector including:

  • Navigating the federal marketplace is daunting, especially for first-time entrants. What can we do to reduce the barriers to entering into, and competing in, the federal marketplace?
  • Deep technology and dual use research & development often go hand in hand. What can we do to assist startups that are building groundbreaking technologies, to overcome the unique barriers for deep tech businesses?
  • There is a large mismatch in demand between the needs of the local defense sector and available talent. What can we do to close these gaps?

Task Force meetings are open to the public. Reported content can be viewed here:



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