Programs & Services

Pacific Impact Zone executes our strategy through programs and services.  We have a formalized suite of tools and workflows to ensure program integrity thereby maximizing value creation for all stakeholders involved.

 Our project management methodologies are honed through years of managing high-risk, high-payoff technology development contracts.  Through these experiences, our tools and workflows drive accountability for outcomes and systematically manage and reduce risk.

 Programs and services generally fall into one of these categories:


Workforce Development

Programs and services to attract, train, and place an in-demand workforce. Increase placement and retention in above-median wage jobs within defense and dual use sector.


Economic Development

Programs and services to grow and protect the defense and dual use sector’s taxable revenue.  Anchor defense and dual use as a strategic economic pillar for Hawaii.


Wealth Creation

Programs and services to grow wages in the defense and dual use industry. Reward entrepreneurship risk taking by creating owner and investor liquidity

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